Meet Job Genius

Meet Our Job Genius

What is Job Genius?

Job Genius is an intelligent & customizable recruitment chatbot based on Virtual AI platform Google Assistant, that uses Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning to enhance the hiring process & conversation quality with the candidates.

How does Job Genius work?

Job Genius will take care of the candidate Attraction, Engagement, Initial Screening & Post-screening to make sure the best candidates show up at the interview for a successful recruitment process.

How Job Genius will save your time?

With our Job Genius, you can outsource the lengthy process of hiring candidates to our automated, Virtual AI Google Assistant based recruitment solution, saving your precious time & money.

Talent Engagement Process with Job Genius

Let's see how Job Genius engages talent step by step


Step1: Candidate Engagement

Publish new job postings on social mediums where talents hang out. Keep candidates engaged with the continuous automated conversation.


Step 2: Qualifying & Screening

Screen the candidates, confirm their minimum qualification & interests quickly & effectively with intelligent AI conversation.


Step 3: FAQ Automation

Respond to candidates Frequently asked questions 24×7, in a flash with less or no waiting time.


Step 4: Interview Scheduling

Let them know the schedule for their interaction with the human recruiter after the screening is done & hence reduce the no show rates.


Step 5: Analyze & Maintain Data

Store candidate's information & improve communication by getting feedbacks. Candidates are now your subscribers. Analyze the metrics for using the data in the future for Candidate re-engagement.

Effective Recruitment Structuring & Candidate Evaluation

Job Genius takes into account the crucial strategy to acquire & maintain the best talent possible

Competency Evaluation

Job Genius works on psychometric competency evaluation to identify better talents

Skills Evaluation

Job Genius takes into account various Skills assessment required for a particular job

Recruitment Metrics

Job Genius gathers valuable applicant data which is used for analyzing the metrics and to follow up the applicant activities in future

Our Job Genius Advantages Over Traditional Hiring

Get one step ahead with our Job Genius Advantages over Traditional Old School Hiring

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are focus on our clients' most critical issues and opportunities

Our Job Genius can help your business implement recruitment activities in a matter of minutes. It uses AI technology to engage high-quality talents without getting tired and manual intervention.

Time is Money. Our Job Genius will save your precious time by automating the hiring process. Moreover, you don’t need expensive hiring teams, dedicated support teams, etc. to handle the hiring as Job Genius does it effectively, in turn saving your budget.

Yes, with the help of our Job Genius, thousands of candidates can be engaged and notified of alerts at the same time.

With our Job Genius, you can always focus on your priority work & the work that matters to your business rather than doing redundant hiring tasks. Job Genius saves your time from such repetitive tasks.

No, Job Genius requires one-time setup and it will work 24×7 without human intervention.

Yes. Once the candidate is engaged, it becomes your subscriber & all the candidate data is available for future re-engagements.

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