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We Offer the Latest Talent Acquisition & Recruitment Tech Innovation to Our Clients

We are committed to our focus on revolutionizing the recruitment process

Accelerating the hiring process, the way it was never before, Job Genius offers the latest talent acquisition and seamless recruitment tech innovation to the clients. Figuring the inefficiencies in the current recruitment model and the friction points faced by recruiters, this model is a perfect solution that unlocks skilled talent smoothly. It shall transform the face of recruitment, streamlining the process and opening a series of opportunities and possibilities.

Businesses need innovative technology to empower & enhance the brand to engage better with their audience. AI & ML can help organizations automate their hiring tasks.

Job Genius is the exact solution to accelerate the hiring process

We help our clients to achieve their prime objective of improving & automating the hiring process

Mission & Vision

With a purpose to speed up the process of hiring and revolutionizing the talent acquisition model, all powered by AI and ML, Job genius is born to cater to the vast dynamic.  It allows businesses to engage better with their audience and makes a rather concrete brand presence. A quicker, simpler and effective measure for hiring qualified, skilled candidates that lend a leading transition to any industry.


Apart from meeting the end goal of flawless user experience, Job Genius simplifies various steps that shows up in the tiresome process of recruitment. The impactful and innovative concoction of Artificial intelligence and machine learning itself open grounds for a fast-paced result driven technology. This is powered by a robust recruitment use cases scenario that yields breakthrough results instantly.  


A complete solution automating and improving the hiring process, we would be eager to offer you this “genius” on board.

About the Team

With a vision that enlightens in making the recruitment world less strenuous and more empowering, our strong cofounders have come together to drive their passion, wide industry experience in order to build a far more efficient job market.

Rakesh Ghumatkar

Rakesh’s almost 20 years of experience in the recruitment sector itself speaks for the foundation of Job Genius.

His expertise in the Talent Acquisition and visionary for the potential market enables a robust platform.

He is a founder and CEO of Perfect People Search, an organization for sourcing and outsourcing skilled talents in India and across the globe.

Apart from his proficiency in the recruitment industry, he is a co-organiser at bizAmica, focuses on offering data science and analytics services.

He is on-point in his vision of scaling job Genius to new heights.

Rahul Bhanose

Being a spearheaded technologist, thought leader and speaker at various tech forums, Rahul is a seasoned technology and management professional.

He brings more than 20 years of experience along by serving elite brand names in the industry.

At present, he is the CTO and an ace Machine Learning Consultant at bizAmica software Pvt. Ltd.

He is a diligent result driven technology enthusiast that lends a new direction and look after the technical aspects of Job Genius.

He has hands-on command in providing business solutions using AI, Data Science and Machine Learning.

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