Job Genius is a leading conversational AI recruitment chatbot

Transform & Automate the entire hiring process to engage better talent with candidate end-to-end lifecycle

Change the Way your Business Attracts the Talent

Job Genius is a revolutionary recruitment chatbot solution to speed up your hiring

Accelerate your Hiring with Job Genius

Open-ended & Dynamic Conversation

Instant Connections when it matters 24x7

No boring waiting times with instant replies

Manage Full Candidate End-to-End Lifecycle

Job Genius takes care of the entire candidate end-to-end activities from pre to post interviews

Job Genius is a fully integrated solution on the Desktop/Google Assistant platform with psychometric assistance which enables human-like conversation quality with the candidates, making the interaction process very natural.

Job Genius shows candidates the available jobs which match with their profiles, asks them about their career goals, and eventually hand-holds them during the application process. Job Genius engages applicants in a two-way conversation, answers questions & evaluates candidates based on their responses. There is no waiting time for Candidates since their questions are answered within seconds.

Job Genius lets candidates know the status of their application and guides them through the next steps in real-time. It can close the communication on a positive note, which is a great communication experience for the candidates. It can even contact the candidates, later on, to have a word about their career, wish them on birthdays & ask them about their ongoing lives. This helps in building a trustworthy Talent Community.

Job Genius takes care of the candidate end-to-end lifecycle

Re-Imagine Hiring with Job Genius

Hiring with our Job Genius is a straightforward process with no complexities whatsoever

Candidate Engagement

Publish new job postings on social mediums where talents hang out. Keep candidates engaged with the continuous automated conversation.

Qualifying & Screening

Screen the candidates, confirm their minimum qualification & interests quickly & effectively with intelligent AI conversation.

FAQ Automation

Job Genius responds to the candidates Frequently answered questions 24×7, without being tired like human beings & with less waiting time.

Interview Scheduling

After the initial screening, the candidates are informed and provided with the schedule for their interaction with the human recruiter.

Cross Platform Availibility

Candidates can apply the job postings from either the desktop or via Google Assistant enabled mobile devices instantly.

Analyze & Maintain Data

Store candidate information & improve communication by getting feedbacks. Analyze the metrics for using the data in the future.

Save your Time & Money with our Job Genius

Automating the hiring tasks makes you focus on important things & save time as well as money

No More Repetitive Work

Job Genius takes care of daily repetitive & menial tasks which consume valuable time.

Focus on Engagement Quality

Get the right talent by focussing on rich engagement conversational quality

Cost & Time Efficient Recruiting

Reduces the average time spent & costs incurred per hire rate by managing multiple applicants

Why businesses should consider Job Genius?

As per the major statistics resources from Garner & Narrative Science, AI will rule the future

Automation is not future, it's the Present

85 %

Customer interactions will be managed without human by 2020

40 %

Mobile interactions will be managed by smart chatbots by 2020

44 %

Executives believe AI brings automated communications that provide data which can be used to make decisions

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Get a seamless experience for everyone - both recruiter and candidates

Make your own Talent Community that will pay you for a long run

Save your precious time & money by focusing on important non redundant works

Manage the data of candidates effectively in no time for future engagements

Send Alerts to thousands of candidates in one shot which is a better way than sending emails

Engage multiple candidates at the same time without manual intervention or being tired

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